Definition of being Right-minded

Some of my friends have asked me what the meaning of right-minded was.
I looked up to and this is what I got:

" right-mind·ed

Having ideas and views based on what is right or intended to be right.

And some of the terms equivalant to right-minded are moral, righteous, virtuous..."

Literally, I thought being right-minded is also being right-brained. (Your right brain is the right side of your mind right? ;) )
This is what I got for the meaning of "right-brained":

"Of or relating to a person whose behavior is dominated by emotion, creativity, intuition, nonverbal communication, and global reasoning rather than logic and analysis. "

Now, to me, it is clear that being right-minded means being ethical and being virtuous. It also means that you are a person with principles to live your life. Literally, being right-minded also means using your right brain more often, which generates more creativity, intuition, and unique solutions to problems.