A New Better Banner

Thanks, Venus, for introducing me to gettyone.com to find this image. Thanks for giving me honest feedbacks on my prevoious banner. Yeah, I know, it's such a choice that doesn't really represent who I am at all. I appreciate your help so much!!!!!

Well, I like this picture because it looks more cheerful. (compared to that gloomy bridge picutre)
Oh my, I don't want to be associated as being a gloomy and moody actuary due to my choice of piciture!
Anyway, now my blog looks happier and more positive.
And look, those two little girls are building something!
So do I.
I'm building a blog here which hopefully more and more actuaries will get a chance to see it.


James said...

Interesting choice of a banner graphic, although I guess there's no specific way to find a banner graphic that shouts "this is an actuary's blog"!

Are the two kids trying to build the normal distribution out of hay bales? It must be how Abraham de Moivre built it, all those years ago....