Thoughts after reading "The Virtual Handshake" by David Teten and Scot Allen

I finished reading "The Virtual Handshake" two days ago. At frist I downloaded the free ebook on the official website. Later on, I found out actually I could also check out this book in my school library!

This book has emornous information about how to connect and build relationship with people online. I like the idea of being personal yet professional to the people one will meet online as it links to the idea of personal branding by Tom Peters really well.

I think it doesn't matter whether you are a marketing person, a sales person, an accountant, or even an actuary, we all need to connect with one another and to help one another. We all want to help and be helped.

I particularly like the Chapter 24--Ten Simple Steps to Radically Improve Your Network Online. There are two steps I am currently doing now:
4. Become an Information sponge (e.g. constantly keep up with my reading outside the classroom) and
6. Share your knowledge wealth. (e.g. writing my blog)

Check this book out if you have time ;) !