Always have room for some colors and music in life

1. The sun was out again and it's about 80 degress today!
Of course it's time to sit outside Aliber to soak up the sun again.
It's not too often to have such a nice day in Iowa,
so I'd gotta enjoy it while I could.

2. Christy and I went to downtown for a concert at a cafe this evening,
and I bought 4 CDs from Erika Luckett.
It's my first time listening to her music but somehow her music touched my soul.

3. And I met a Caucasian American who could speak fluent Mandarin (perhaps one in a thousand in my area?) at the cafe and we had a meaningful conversation (ie. we understood each other while speaking in Mandarin;) )

Life is just GREAT!


Christen said...

I'm super jealous and not just because you got to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend and I didn't. Warm weather, how I miss it!! But I don't miss the mumps! Good luck fighting that off! Bisous