An Icebreaker

I just had my first speech delivered at Toastmaster last evening. It was an icebreaker, which means I'm supposed to talk about myself for 4 to 6 minutes. That seemed pretty easy right? However, I didn't want my icebreaker sounded like "just another introduction of new member", I decided to share a little bit of my perspectives on two things---the frist thing was about my name and the second thing was about my language. Of course I added some humour into the stories so my frustrations were transformed into something more empowering.

At first I was a little bit concerned about the topic I was going to talk because I felt it's too serious as an icebreaker speech. However, since those are the issues that were important to me, I would just give it a try to be vulnerable, to open up myself and to tell people what really matters to me. Just go for it!

It turned out that people like my speech and I got some very encouraging feedbacks. Now, I just can't wait for my second speech!