Where Are You From?

My friend C suggested me to be low profile for the introduction. Be it low profile or not, I want to express myself. Somehow you just cannot hide who you are, especially if you are funny and quite humorous.

Besides, saying something funny is better than saying something which put people to sleep during a meeting. Though I've never hired anyone before, if I were the hiring manager, I would like to see the person that I chose was someone presentable and he/she was able to capture people's attention when he/she spoke!

So after telling people what my name was, which school I went to and what degree I received. I said the following:

There is a question that I'’m most often being asked by people when I first meet them. And the question is--"“Where are you from?"

I was in a flight from SF to Korea last Christmas and the gentleman who sat next to me asked me, "Where are you from?" I said, "“I came from Des Moines, Iowa."” The gentleman asked again, " no, no, no, no, I mean, where are you really FROM?"

I said, "Well, I'’ve been living in all over the place actually-—-Detroit, Des Moines, San Francisco the Bay Area, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. How far do you want me to trace it back?"” The gentleman said, “Oh, as far as possible, of course."

Then I said, "“Ok, let see, actually I'm from the Garden of Eden, the Planet of Earth. I cannot tell you which galaxy I'm at right now because I forgot to Google it last night."