If you won a $100 million lottery today, will you still be an actuary tomorrow?

I asked this question to some consultants and actuaries at work this morning.

I asked 4 people so far and the majority of people (3) told me they probably wouldn't be working as an actuary if they have that much of money.

One told me he would do charity work, the other one told me she would start a business.

Only one person told me he will still be doing the actuarial consulting work because he's not doing it for money and he really loves what he does. Since this was the "unusual" answer, I forgot to ask exactly what he really liked in the actuarial work.

Perhaps, to some people, doing the actuarial work is one of the stepping stones before figuring out what he/she really loves to do. (A means to an end) To some people, being an actuary gives them good money to pay the bill. (Isn't it life is too short for staying in a job just because you want the money to buy your next big toy?)

Choosing actuarial science as your major is one thing, yet being an actuary for 20 to 25 years as your career is another story.

Do you still want to be an actuary if you win a $100 million lottery today?


Danby said...

Hey, I don't know about Actuary.. but as a pharmacist, I'll still be pharmacist.. not in retail business, but maybe go on residency or work in lower-paying job..but still!!! I'll be a pharmacist! LOL