It's about time...The Official Actuary Branding Image Campaign website is here!

The long-awaited actuary branding image campaign image website is finally here! I checked out the website this afternoon and it's definitely better than the "pre-redesigned" version (more contents, more organized and more up-to-dates).

There are some cool phases in the promotion tools session:

"There will be no opportunities without risks, and risk is the actuaries' domain."--Thomas Terry

"Every time you get in a car, buy a home or assess retirement savings, actuaries have an impact in your life." ---Roosevelt Mosley.

The two videos are pretty neat as well (it's worth to watch). Has SOA thought about putting the videos on YouTube to broaden the audience?

In addition, the image campaign has a blog! So far there are only two entries up there, I'm really looking forward to read more of the other actuaries blogposts.

Overall, this redesigned image campaign website serves its purpose to bring in a more professional/cool online appearance. There was a rumors that the SOA spent more than a 6-figure budget on this image campaign, I really hope it will pay off. (I do like what I see so far.)

So check it out if you want to see our new image (definitely it's better than how we were portrayed in About Schmidt and Along Came Polly ;)).