Re-inventing Yourself like a Super Saiyan

I loved watching Dragon Ball anime when I was a kid. I love the part that Son Goku transformed himself to Super Saiyan when he was fighting with some villains more powerful than him. Whenever he met another stronger villain, he could always transform to a higher grade of Super Saiyan to defeat the villain and save the world.

In the world of Dragon Ball, the sky is really the limit of how powerful one can be.

This reminds me of the core idea of "Re-imagine" by Tom Peters- he talked about reinventing yourself in the changing business world with creativity and passion.

When we face business challenges which may be larger than us (outsourcing, tough competitors or shrinking marketplace), perhaps we should all transform ourselves (yes, that's right, just like a Super Saiyan) to deal with the changes?


kenshin_i said...

I guess this idea almost the same as Final Fantasy game :).....
Leveling up in the game is also quite important.