More SF Trip picture

Almost everyday, we parked our car on some street parking closed to a BART station in Oakland and then we took the BART to San Francisco. The parking fees in the city was quite expensive --around 6 dollars an hour.

Look at the parking meter, sometimes I wonder if the cops really used a random plastic bag to cover up the meter to show that the meter was not working. We parked our car for almost 6 hours for free that day. So I assume the cop could somehow figure out if the meter was working or not based on the way the knot of the plastic bag was tied.

And speaking of this rental car, we got a free upgrade from a Hyundai Accent to a Ford Fusion which came with a GPS. How so? We just told the guy at the rental car counter that we wanted to 'test-drive' the Ford Fusion because it looked like a very cool car. That was it, quite easy, eh?