My Weekend Updates

It's been quite a hectic weekend. (Not because I partied too much ;))

Friday- Though I promised I would throw a party, I forgot to invite my co-workers and friends.Well, most of my close friends live too far away anyway. So R and I went out for dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

Saturday- After my 2nd Wing Chun lesson, on my way home, I received a call from an ER while driving on the freeway. R fell down from bouldering and was sent to the ER. R's elbow was dislocated. After several hours, finally I could drive R home at 6pm. Then I called K up so that we could go back to the rock-climbing gym to drive R's car back.'s been a shocking and tiring day for me.

Sunday- Grocery shopping, cooking at home and taking care of R.

Monday- Day off (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), still running some errands for R, a little bit more of Chinese grocery shopping, and taking care of R.

When we were a kid, our parents or grand parents took care of everything for us since they love us. Then as we became older, we learned to take care of ourselves as we learn to love ourselves. And later on, we learn to take care of others whom we love.

Just like CL told me this afternoon, 'Most of the times, you hear people said, "I will take care of you" in a relationship. But really, how? In what ways? In what sense?'

This will be an opportunity for me to learn and to see how much I really care and how much I really love.


simpleblob said...

It's both shocking and sad when something bad happened to someone close to you.
Hope your friend R get well soon.

yync said...

SB, Thanks a lot!

Christen said...

oh my goodness! i hope you all didn't have an troubles at the hospital! give r my best wishes for a quick recovery so that she can get back to climbing