Thoughts Before the Exam Result Release

After taking Exam M in November, I wasn't studying anything actuarial related at all for the last two months. Honestly, it's the best time ever! I felt so much more alive. I got a chance to read more (nothing number-related neither, for the last two months, I read mostly about business, entrepreneur, marketing, creativity and spirituality books), blog more, talk to my friends and family more, exercise more. I feel more creative and happier.

The world seems so much bigger and much more interesting when I am not studying for the actuarial exam.

Today, the exam result will be released in the afternoon and I'm taking the afternoon off. It's never a good idea to find out the exam result in the office- if I passed, I'll be jumping around in my cubicle since I will be over joy; and if I didn't pass, I will look extremely grumpy for the next few hours. Either way, it doesn't seem too professional.

Anyway, if I pass M, I'll throw a party at home to celebrate. (Of course you are always invited, if you are in town this weekend ;)) If I don't, I probably will still buy myself a nice dinner tonight to cheer myself up. Yeah, I know it seems so Ah Q. But what's the point of beating yourself up even more in a minor setback?