Post Birthday Updates

Thank you for everyone who came to my birthday party. For those who live too far away, thank you for writing me an email, giving me a call, write on my wall on facebook, or drinking for me in the desert (you know who I'm talking about ;))!!! And thank you for the home-made black forest cherry cake, R, it was very very lovely and delicious!

It was a great birthday gathering after all, we played the DDR, scrabble and watched "Stranger than Fiction". It was a great movie and there's a subtle joke on actuary too. Thanks for the recommendation, Q!

During the birthday party, I was sneezing more than 20 times and I thought I was allergic to the flowers I bought the same day. Well, it turned out I caught a cold and I had to take Monday and Tuesday off. (No, it's not a prolonged hangover from the party seriously!) After two days of rest, I felt much better today again.