An A stduent reading The C Student's Guide to Success

Finally, my "The C Student's Guide to Success" has arrived from Amazon today. Two weeks ago, I saw this book from Borders, I flipped through it and read half a chapter (Chapter 5- master the art of purposeful learning) in the middle of the book. Then a few days later, I placed the order on Amazon.

While I was waiting for the book to arrive, I recommended this book to SmartLemming. Amazingly, Lori has already finished reading the book and wrote a book review on her blog! On the other hand, as of today, I just finished the first 30 pages at the gym.

My friend asked me how I could recommend a book to someone else before I finished reading it. There are two reasons- intuition and the title of the book. Remember I read half a chapter at Borders? Actually I did learn something about being observant from this book for such a short period of time.

After reading quite a few business/non-fiction books for the last 6 years, I am getting intuitive to know if the book is just a hype, or if there's something I can learn from it.

For the title of the book, at first I was thinking of recommending this book to a family member. But after reading for a few pages, I thought I could learn something from this book as well!

Though I was an A student for the last 4 years, I started to realize that I need more than my academic talent (a.k.a. getting an A with minimal efforts) to advance in my life. Since I am a person who can learn well from reading, I know this book may point me to a right direction. I know, I can't learn how to be street-smart just by reading a book.

Again, just like any other career, self-help, investment books, what works for the author may not necessarily works for me. And hence, I'll use the "take it as a grain of salt" approach and test it in my daily life.