One Year after my Graduation

It's been a year since I graduated from college. I thought it's a good time to see what have changed in my life.

Physically - gained 5 pounds. Thanks to all the free lunches and treats at work and my irregular schedule to exercise. ;)

Financially- started to pay back my student loan, started to give back to my family, and started to save for my emergency fund and for the retirement. (Right, we actuaries understand the power of compound interest after taking Course 2/FM.)

Intellectually: read books regularly, yet I started to focus more on developing my street-smarts and be more observant of human nature.

Hobbies: still hanging on with Toastmasters, Wing Chun and blogging.

Career: making progress in the actuarial exams and getting more responsibilities at work.

Living conditions: moved out of the dorm and have my own place. (After living in a dorm for 4 years and two years of boarding school in Singapore, everything else seems decent enough. ;))