Why did they do these in meetings?

1. Picking his teeth with his own fingers after lunch.
2. Biting her finger nails.
3. Talking while chewing the stickiest caramel toffee candies.
4. Putting his feet up on the table.

When I first saw what I described above, I couldn't believe what I saw. First of all, the cheese on the Pizza wasn't that sticky. ;) Apparently nobody really saw what I saw at those moments since almost everyone was looking at the speakers.

Now I started to appreciate all the nagging about table manners from my Mom and Grandma.

Case in point: You may not realize this, but nosy (observant) people like me like people watching (even in meetings). Please don't make me use your tooth-picking moment to define you. ;)

Thanks Lori for sharing the dos and don't s of body language at work. It's a good reminder. Yes, spitting is so common in China that the Chinese government needs to run a campaign to stop it.

Okay, I hope people don't take this saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" too seriously when they are visiting China. :)