You can't make the last impression twice

Someone I knew is leaving the office and is going to a competitor in the same city. I'm surprised that none of the co-workers organize anything to say good-bye as a team. If I were the person leaving, and the co-workers that I've been working with for the last few years didn't do or say anything to me, I would feel awful.

Nowadays no one is going to stay in a company for a long time. Most probably, it's either you are let go, or you find a greater opportunity for more money or more fulfilling career. However, I do believe that the friendship and networks that I develop in the office can last longer. If you are my friend at work, you will still be my friend even after you switch team.

Sure, I'm loyal to my company as it offers a place for me to launch my career. But at the same time, I also pledge my loyalty to people that I like to work with. Think about it, in times of difficulties, who do you think may return your loyalty- a "for-profit" organization, or your teammates that you trust?

Like the saying goes, "you can't make the first impression twice." Similarly, your last impression is a long-lasting one too.

So if any of your co-workers are leaving the company, be nice to them. Write them a card to wish them good luck, buy them a small gift if you are close to them and remember to exchange contact info. Personally, I like giving people a Starbucks gift card. (Who doesn't like Starbucks anyway? It's everyone's daily boost of productivity!)

The actuarial profession is a small community, and you want to have a network of good will.

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