Can they update it more often?

Half a year ago, I was excited to see the image campaign of SOA started a blog and there were a few postings.

Half a year later, I checked the site this morning (I should have saved it to my google reader) and it still looked the same. The last posts was dated back in November 2006.

Blogging is an ongoing project. It's more than just setting up a blog, wrote a few posts and leave it there. Though it's not necessary to blog every day, I want to see something new at least every 6 months!

My idea: ask more people to contribute. What about the President or the VP or the committee in SOA? I want to see what they have to say if they blog.

One thing I noticed, many actuaries and actuarial students participated in the actuarial discussion forums. But we don't have many voices in the blogosphere. I wonder why.