I'm flattered, but...

I received an interview request from a salary research/career site. I felt flattered that they found my blog and interested to know more about my actuarial career. (Seriously, how many actuaries are blogging out there? Just a handful. And how many of us are blogging frequently? Maybe just me and the Marketing Actuary ;))

Though I may look like an obvious choice to ask about the actuarial career, I have to say no to the request. By working in a consulting firm and things that you know are considered as the intellectual capital of the company, I cannot say anything specific about my work and my company. And being a rookie to the profession, I chose to stay out of the spotlight for now.

Maybe when I become a FSA and establish myself more, I may change my "publicity policy". Yet, if you want to know more about my insights and my story, please come back often or add me to your Google Reader.

(Ha, what a way to promote my blog- you can't find anything about a life of an actuary anywhere else but here.)