My first Belly dancing lesson

After my attempt of learning salsa dancing, I decided to challenge myself to take the Belly dancing lesson in my gym. Since it was the first time that Belly dancing was offered in the gym, almost everyone didn't know how to belly dance.

So for today, I learned some really basic movements of raising my hip. It's fun and encouraging to see everyone, just like me, is feeling awkward but still trying hard to learn all the new body movements.

I read it from Steve Pavlina's blog post about how to be smarter. He wrote, “If you want to grow smarter, you must keep stirring things up...Push yourself to do that which you fear.”

Dancing is always one of my undeveloped "talents". I'd rather give an impromptu speech in front of 50 people than dancing in a club. But I know, deep in my heart, I always wanted to engross myself in the music by moving my body in a beautiful way.

The instructor said it took 6 months for a beginner to dance decently well- by going to dancing lesson once a week and occasional practice at home. I hope I can still maintain my dancing schedule when my study session begins again. (That's the only thing I don't like about studying the actuarial exams, it's about sacrificing the time of doing my hobbies.)