Salsa dance updates 2

Two tricks I learned from my class yesterday:

1. Feel the step, don't rush to go back to the basic position.
2. Feel the music, don't think or analyse it too much.

Like everything else, salsa dance is not for everyone. I saw three people left in the middle of the class, just because they got frustrated of learning how to turn!

And finally, I could start moving my hip a little bit (with the music). :)


Christen said...

i started yoga yesterday. I was ready to leave because it was so difficult, but I kept with it and although I'm feeling the pain today, it was enjoyable. I'm glad you're sticking with it and learning more! I hope you're talking to our friend in NYC about your forays into Spanish culture!

yync said...

Hello Christen, Ha, I'm sure our friend in NYC will be proud of me. Though she will still laugh at me as I can't roll my tongue in her language yet. :)