A $1110 textbooks package

I ordered the FAP modules textbooks package from Actuarial Bookstore last Sunday and it arrived yesterday. While opening the packages and unwrapping the books, I felt like I'm opening presents for my birthday! In elementary school, I always remember the time when I received all the textbooks on the first day of school. I liked to flip through the new books while my mom was busy with wrapping the books with sheets of plastic.

While flipping the brand new textbooks, I was so hopeful because a new school term just began. Who knows, a month after, I realized that I did have to study the textbooks and I had to carry those heavy books to school every day, it wasn't fun anymore.

This time, instead of carrying the books around, they will sit in my room and hopefully I will enjoy their company for the next few months and learn something from them. :)


simpleblob said...

Oh my.... that's expensive!

yync said...

yeah...it costs a lot. Thankfully, I got reimbursed by my company. :)