Every day is a good day- a Chinese poem


There are hundred flowers in the Spring,
a moon in the Autumn,
cooling wind in the Summer,
and snow in the Winter.
If there is nothing bothering your mind,
everyday is a good day.

I just remembered this old Chinese poem that my Chinese teacher in high school once taught us. (I guess I felt a little bit poetic today. :)) This poem is written by a Buddhist monk (无门禅师) in Sung Dynasty (960- 1279 AD).

I think this poem is about positive attitude- always look at the good and enjoyable things in each season. Though I'd write about the heat and pumpkin pie in the Winter and the pool party in the Summer if I write a modern/city version of it. :)


kenshin_i said...

Somehow the English translation do not do justice to the actual Chinese poem....
Poems are much better in their original language IMHO.