As you know...

Unless you are 101% sure, never accuse others for the mistakes they've never made. Or just don't blame others, at all. Especially a blogger, as this will make a good blog post.

I sent an email and asked politely if a co-worker could send a file to me.

Half an hour later, she sent me the file I needed. Below the attachment, she wrote, "As you know, I've already sent you this last time."

(So I went ahead to check all the correspondence, which turned out the stuff she sent to me last time was the wrong one.)

What does she imply in the sentence?
1. She thought she did send me the right file.
2. She didn't check what she really sent to me.
3. She thought I was a fool who asked her to send the file again.

Sometimes I see everyone I work with is my clients. Is the customer always right? I could have sent her an email and tell her she didn't send me the right file. But what's the point of proving her wrong? Most people won't admit they are wrong anyway. (Instead, people will get enraged!)

Perhaps she's having a bad day after all.


simpleblob said...

Thanks, I learned something today.

kenshin_i said...

If I were the sender, I will find the e-mail that I sent earlier, and I will send it again (as attachment).
In any case, you (as a sender) can never assume that the e-mail you sent to a person will be received. There are times, due to limitation of how big the e-mail you can receive in the server, that the recipient would not even see the e-mail.

In this case, as the recipient, the best way to deal with this issues is to ask the sender (politely) if the sender can forward the e-mail that he/she sent earlier.