Chess and Dessert

R bought this pastries from a Japanese cake shop for the BBQ on Friday night. I love the green tea cheesecake. It was not too sweet and not too heavy.

Joe taught me how to play chess after dinner. When I was a kid, my cousin taught me how to play the Chinese chess and the international chess. Since my cousins liked playing the Chinese chess more, I learned the Chinese chess and soon forgot the international chess.

The first thing Joe taught me about chess was this: "It's all about strategies." And then Frank added, "It's also like operating a business, you have to weight the costs and benefits of each move. It's also about maximizing your return with minimal efforts."

After playing the first game, I'm hooked. And I asked them to play another with me. Since it's almost mid-night, Frank just let me win so everyone could go home!

As a newbie of chess and a peace lover myself, it's just sad to see a pawn being captured. So I jokingly said, "Peace, man. Nobody dies in my game." On my way home, the first thing I heard on the radio was the song "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback. And they were singing, "when nobody died, we've seen the day....nobody died......". What a coincidence, isn't?