I Wish I Could Go Back to College

Walking on the campus again with C on Friday, this song just popped up in my head.

Some of my classmates who graduated with me two years ago were at the career event this year. Just like me, this time, we all came back to recruit the current students.

It's amusing to see everyone again. We were once students walking in the career fair and looking for jobs. This time, we all stationed in our company booths, as if, we don't play for the same team anymore.

Some of my friends told me they didn't miss being a student at all. I guess I missed the freedom of being a student. The freedom that you can't find it in the working life.

There's always a dilemma of time and money. When you are a student, you have all the time in the world, but you have a shoestring budget. Then when you start working, you have more dispensable income, but you don't have time.


takchek said...

Is it dispensable or is it disposable income?

The former looks weird to me. I use the latter.

Y said...

Oops, yeah, you are right, it should be disposable income. Thanks!

simpleblob said...

Just change to freelance work. I made a lot more than working 9-5.

But the hard part is you must find customers on your own though.

Y said...

Hm..freelance work. I wonder if there are any freelance actuarial works around. My actuarial professor once told us he has consulting projects to do. I think that might count as freelance works, eh?

Grace said...

Drop by to say hi.
Well. I am more than willing to change position with you.. haha.

Y said...

Hey Grace,

Good to see ya. Just hold that thought for a year or two. And tell me if you still feel the same way after you graduate for two years. ;)