Fortune Cookie and Career Choice

Over the dinner, this is the Fortune in my Fortune Cookie:

"Avoid unchallenging occupations - they will waste you great talents."

Hmm....this makes me wonder.

A few days ago, I did a test to discover my ideal career path. And here's the result:

Your score for each career path is as follows:
24: Manager
27: Client Developer
26: Consultant
24: Process Administrator
17: Technical Expert

Scoring guidelines:
The following guidelines will help you gauge your potential level of satisfaction with a given career stream:

Score 27 - 35: You would probably find satisfaction in this career path
Score 22- 26: This career path is not a strong preference, but is not disliked
Score 7- 21: Indicates a neutral feeling for activities associated with this career path.

So if this test is accurate, am I the case of "Anything but aspiring to be a technical expert"?

Anyway, the test result is just like the fortune in the fortune cookie, it all depends on how you interpret the message. (No "in bed" jokes for the test result, okay? That will make it politically incorrect. :))