Learning Improv in 2008

Last week, I found out a comedy club in my area offered some beginning classes of learning basic theatrical and improvisational concepts. It said this class is for people with limited theatre or improv experience (e.g. me). From the info on the website, it seems that I was too late to sign up for the class in January. I thought I would call and see if they could let me sign up anyway.

I left a voice message last Friday afternoon. The staff called me back today and told me I could still sign up for it. Of course I signed up over the phone right away. My first improv comedy class is going to be on the first weekend of January!

For those who are wondering how much it costs- $200 for 8 classes. And each class is 3 hours long. Well, it's still cheaper than how much I paid for 1 credit in my alma mater.

With Tango, Wing Chun and this improv comedy class. my life is getting more exciting in 2008. :)