The Distance

Someone in the office left a note on each of the analyst's cubicle wall two weeks ago. On the note, each of us was given a nickname and a short description of the nickname.

I am The Distance.

Y- aka The Distance- just like Rocky Balboa, she will go the distance on any actuarial obstacles or problem never stopping until the end.

Til now, we still don't know who left the notes. Then of course, not knowing who created the nicknames makes it more fun and mysterious.

The day when we found out our nicknames, I sent out an email to everyone in the office on behalf of the other analysts. I wrote, "thank you for giving us nicknames. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and wit. If you can tell us who you are or what your nickname is, we promise to buy you a cup of Starbucks coffee or a Potbelly sandwich. (Your choice, of course)."

As expected, nobody replied to me.

This morning, I found a card (the picture above) and three pieces of chocolate hearts on my chair. At the back of the card, there was a message.

Y- aka The Distance
You have rolled with punches and have come back strong using the old, one two- studying and taking notes.
Keep up the hard work.

I was surprised this person knows what I have been doing! And I am happy because someone does care about what I do at work at a personal level.

Another thing that struck me was the Cowardly Lion on the card. Oddly enough, I was talking to a friend last week that I was just like the Cowardly Lion who wants courage to stand up for myself.

From now on, I am going to call this person the OAA (Office Anonymous Angel) because the encouragement makes my weeks.


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