My Weekly Impulse Purchase- Dit Da Jow

Though this jar of black liquid looks like sangria from afar, it is actually home-made Dit da jow. Dit da jow is chinese traditional herbal liniment for bruises.

After the training today, I stayed back and bought a 2 oz. bottle of Dit da jow from my sifu. For this tiny bottle of dit da jow, it cost $20! (That's it, that's my weekly impulse purchase.)

Though it's a small bottle, according to another gung fu brother, it can last for about a year.

I was telling sifu that I could even bring this bottle of dit da jow wherever I go, even on a flight! I am sure people who sit next to me will appreciate the strong herbal and alcohol smell for a few hours!

Now, it's time to rub my bruises with my dit da jow. After the practice of Sam Sing Sao (hitting of three stars hand drill), I had bruises all over my arms and they hurt. :(