The three myths about being an actuary

A friend on facebook tagged me this blogpost about why people shouldn't become an actuary.

The blogpost addressed three myths about the profession.

1. Actuaries love their jobs.
2. Actuaries are insurance mathematicians
3. Actuaries are not nerds.

I thought it's more like a satire.

Here are my 2 cents about the 3 myths

1. Not everyone love their jobs. This goes to many other professions.

2. Some people have never heard of the term "actuary" before. Saying actuaries are insurance mathematicians is just a way for people to understand it faster. A senior guy once told me that he never told people he's an actuary. Whenever people asked him what he did for a living, he said he was a consultant.

3. I think everyone is a nerd in their own little ways. But hey, what's wrong with being a nerd?