Why is it not melting?

An ice sculpture I saw last Friday near my Tango studio. Sorry about the quality of the pic- it was freezing that day. It didn't help when R and A were telling me to hurry up as they were shivering in the cold.

I remembered I went to an ice sculpture festival once when I was a kid. I remembered we had to buy the tickets to get in and also rent some smelly fleece jackets because it was so cold inside the exhibition. Just imagine how many people have wore them and of course everyone perspired when they were all so excited to see the ice slide!

I always thought ice sculpture has to be kept in door. Hey, you keep ice cubes and ice-cream in the freezer, right? That's why, the first question when I saw the ice sculptures on Friday was, "Why are they not melting?" Of course, R and A thought I was just goofy and tried to lengthen the time to ponder in front of the ice sculpture. :)


triple-u said...

i know it sounds dumb, but maybe cause it's melting very slowly? perhaps you can check again to see if it's still there next time you are nearby..

g'day :-)

Y said...

Sure, sure. Hey, thanks for stopping by!