Forever 25 plus 1

There is a very well-known Hong Kong singer, Alan Tam, who claimed to be staying "forever 25". Back then, when I was a kid, I thought people stopped counting their ages after they turned 25.

After all the hard work all these years, finally, I'm older than Alan Tam tomorrow. And same as last year, I had a birthday gathering in my place. I put the pictures on Facebook. But I can share the birthday presents I got here.

Tea from Portsmouth Tea Company- Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Japanese Sencha Green Tea and Avalanche Rooibos. (Gift from S)

Birthday card and Chipotle giftcard. Another gift from a very thoughtful friend S. :)
Creme Brule chocolate, The cocktail party cheat sheets, the Office Voodoo kit, Borders gift card and Global Warming chocolate by my BFF @ Work- The Oracle!
A notepad, a watch/key chain and a must-have for all actuaries- a pocket calculator from A.
Mate gourd and a bombilla (a metal straw) from Argentina. Gift from my Argentine Tango friend Alexander. I had a mate once in Gong Fu tea when I was in Des Moines. I can't believe now I can make my own mate at home!
A silver butterfly with a suction cup which I can stick it on my window. (Gift from KH)
Sunflowers from another newly met friend, C from Tango. C is another awesome person that I met recently. She looks abit like Maggie Gyllenhaal and can speak mandarin.