Dichotomy of Life

I was reading the Anderson Cooper's interview with Outside Magazine yesterday. When asked about what he understood about life since he's seen so many things as a TV journalist, he said,

"It's just that all of this is contained in the same world and probably always will be, and that it's OK. It is the way it is. you can knock your head against the wall asking why something has happened. At a certain point you get to a place where there isn't any why. You just stop asking the why. And even in the midst of horror and sadness, there are great acts of compassion and kindness, there are acts of great joy, there is life...."
That's a profound way of looking at life.

[S forwarded me a news article of the train collision in China. While reading the article, what I read about the dichotomy of life from the Cooper's interview just popped up in my head. ]