An Effective Way to study for FSA exams

Since I signed up for the ILA-DP exam, I've been researching on how to study the FSA exams effectively. I wonder how I am going to understand and memorize all the study material, being able to write fast enough and apply the formula correctly under the exam (read: stressful) condition in 6 hours?

Here are some links that I found which seem to be useful:

Dealing with FSA exams
Studying philosophy for actuarial exams
FSA exam advice from a grader
Another discussion thread on tackling FSA essay exams

In a way, studying for the FSA exams is like training different parts of my body. It's just like working out in the gym- I have pretty strong biceps and back muscles. (In terms of actuarial exams, I rely on my talent in pattern recognition and the unconscious familiarity of the material through practicing lots of problems.)

But then in order to have a well-toned body with strength, I need to start focusing on the muscle groups that are less developed (e.g. my triceps, have you ever heard of the terms flabby arms? :)). (In terms of studying the actuarial exams, the part that I need to work on is my ability to understand and memorize, and get used to the essay-exam format.)

If memorization is part of the educational system to be an FSA, just as memorizing times tables is a part of elementary math education, then I will accept it as the rule of the game. And I will do whatever I can do adapt.

I'd say the FSA exams is my own private Mount Everest for the next 12 months. And admit that your own private Mount Everest exists. That is half the battle.


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