Trivial Psychic Journal Part 2

Last Wednesday, after the golfing outing, the team who won got to choose some gifts from the gift box prepared by a co-worker, B. We all sat in the club house to chit-chat and wind down. After B has left, I noticed that B has left a golf towel on the table. So I brought it home and decided to bring it back to B the next day.

The next day, while I was driving to work, (here comes my trivial psychic thought), I thought, "B is going to give that golf towel to me after I give it back to him."

Once I arrived, I went to B's office and told him he left his golf towel and gave it back to him. He said thank you. I waited for a second. Nothing happened. So I thought, "Oh well, maybe what I predicted wasn't right this time."

Two hours later, B came out of his office and asked me how I liked about golfing yesterday. And guess what, he gave me the golf towel as a present. :)