Motivation on studying for Actuarial Exams

I saw this on a friend's favorite quotation on Facebook and I thought it's worth sharing.

"U.S. (and Canadian) actuarial examinations form the most difficult system of professional examinations that exists in the known universe. The exams are not just hard because they are hard, but they are also hard because they are unreasonable -- you can't see how your test was graded, model solutions posted are not model but so-so, tests are often not published, and there is no clearly defined pass mark. Just suck it up and do not waste time on complaining. If you are in the top 5% in mathematics skills in the U.S.... you will make it if you work hard.... But you will get the best job there is, bar none."

-Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski

If you go to Dr. Ostaszewki's site, you can find some tips on how to pass actuarial exams. I like the way he compared how serious the actuarial exam is - "Becoming an actuary is not just about getting a job. This is a prominent, prestigious profession. Be very, very serious about it. The day you take an actuarial examination should be as real in your mind as if you were a quarterback playing in the Superbowl, an athlete competing for a gold medal in the Olympics, a tennis player in Wimbledon final, or the Yellow Jersey cyclist in the last stage of Tour de France."