On Self Defense

Big Boss was trying to teach a female co-worker self-defense in the narrow hallway between cubicles one day.

Big Boss: Ok, now if I grab your collar, what would you do?

When I was pondering what I would do with my rusty Wing Chun background, I thought, "Ok, is it too much when the first thing I thought is to poke his eyes? I mean, that's ABSOLUTELY going to work.....Wait, or maybe I can step on his toes like stepping on a cigarette butt and then run away....."

Actually what I heard from my co-worker was this and it really amazed me.

Female co-worker: Errr.....I guess I'd take my shirt off.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I love it :)

Area Trace No Search said...

I've actually been offered a course as an officer safety instructor.

Perhaps, on the evidence of this post, it would be worth taking for the amusement factor alone.