Lifestyle Adjustments

As our financial reporting work is switching from quarterly to monthly routine, there are several adjustments me and my fellow co-workers need to make to our lifestyles.

"Honey, I don't think it's a good idea if the baby is born during the first two months of the year. You know, I need to make sure I finish the annual filing on time."

"Ok, try not to plan our vacation to Hawaii on the first week or the last week of the month, ok? My team expects me to be there to do the monthly reporting."

"Let's make plans for dinner and a drink afterward. Don't plan it too late because the admin data downloads will be coming in at midnight and I need to kick start some runs."

"I can't go to the outlet mall with you because I need to start mentally preparing for the quarterly work starting next week."


Christen said...

i plan vacations around busy times of the academic year and therefore when I will be busy. run it by my boss and think it through.