What is your game plan?

I learned so much from the people I met on Thursday. Here's something I learned and I would like to share with you.

1. Have a game plan to your actuarial career. (I am going to use the first five years to build up my foundation, both technical skills, knowledge, expertise, leadership etc., and then the next 5 years to determine what kind of actuarial consultant I want to become.)

2. Have a network of mentors---learn from everybody that you come across in your life. Pick up different styles and approaches from all the people that I'll work with.

3. Ask for feedback constantly--don't wait until the year end evaluation to see what people like and hate about you.

4. Communication is the key in ths business---sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself and tell your people what you want. Also, be a good listener.

5. Volunteer on "not too popular" projects---this is the very effective way to open up doors to upper level management. Also this is for our own perosnal growth as well.

6. Find a balance in your life.

7. Achieving the goals is important. However please enjoy the journey along the way.