Who wants to be Right-minded Actuaries?

Just a thought...how many of you here wanted to be Right-minded Actuaries? I would say a Right-minded Actuary is someone who has a sense of mission in his/her live, is determined to be successful, is creative, has entrepreneurial spirit, wants to be remarkable, not afraid to speak up for his/herself, has a sense of humor, would like to build up intimate relationship with people he/she surrounds with and help everyone he/she comes across to be more successful.

Also a Right-minded Actuary is a person who don't believe in job security. He/she is not afraid of failure. He/she is willing to share their experience, insights and knowledge to others.

Does that sound interesting to you? Do you want to join us? If you are interested, please drop a comment here, give a brief introduction about yourself and I'll get you involved.

Basically, I want to create a group blogs here with a group of like-minded actuaries (future actuaries, wannabe actuaries, newbies, seasoned actuaries are all welcome!) who would like to share their lives and journeys here. We are here to learn, to love, to lead and to leave a legacy!

Thanks for reading!


Fantonim said...

I'm in the boat. Who do I have to kill?

Xiao-Bo said...

I m definitely a right minded actuary!!!