I met my friend from my previous company @ a hair solon today and finally I get a chance to ask the question about the Postcard.

I sent out about 10-15 postcards while I was travelling. Somehow I did wonder if everyone got the postcards because there were only 2 people wrote back to me and siad that they got it.

How about the rest of them?

My friend told me that his boss received it and he really liked it. Great, but why didn't he let me know? Dropping a line through email is fine with me. Why didn't people do that?

Conclusion: mostly people thought they are busy and they don't reply until they have time---which means it could be "never".

However, I will encourage everyone to show a little bit of care (or more if you have time ;) )to people who come across yourself (make an impact to you) now or in the past. Send them a post card when you are travelling, write a note on their birthday or just drop a line to say hi will be well appreicated even though you may not hear from them often. I read this phrase on a Hallmark card a year ago and I think it explained my intuition behind writing postcards when I was travelling. It said, "People don't forget that you remember."


Christen said...

i didnt get a postcard :-(

Anonymous said...

I think people won't reply. somehow they just don't... i don't know why though. or maybe people take it for granted, so they would never reply while they just think it is JUST a postcard.

I like the blog actually... it is pretty good.