Start small, Dream Big and more...

For my Seminar in Finance class, everyone has to join a group (4 to 5 people) and run a virtual company and generate all the financial statements through simulation. This is one of the fun and cool exercise that we did this week:

To introduce yourself to your FinGame company shareholders, please post your (future) bio and other fun facts about you. (See the format below!) Make sure to include reasons why you are (or, will be) THE RIGHT PERSON for the job.

Education: BSBA Actuarial Science/Finance major, DU,
MBA U of M

Work Experience: Actuarial Analyst in MHRC, became a world class retirement consultant and promoted to be the Principal and later on the World Practice leader;
Joined SR, the world biggest reinsurer as the Vice President overseeing the Asia Pacific Region;
Real estate development investor who owns apartment complexes in US, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Current Position at the FinGame Company: Chief Networking Officer of Amigo

Personal (Fun) Facts: Travel around the world with her own private jet, met Richard Brandson on a Hot Air Balloon Contest, Invited to the White House Dinner by President Hillary Clinton, actively involved in UNISEF program and organized event with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to stop poverty in Africa.

Favorite Activities & Interests: Travelling, dining in fine restaurants, rock-climbing, meditation, yoga, blogging, meeting interesting people.

Why I am THE RIGHT PERSON who for the job: Building a good relationship with clients and investors is a key part to run our business. Having the gift to make friends with people around the world, I believe I am capable to give guidance to our company.

I found this exercise interesting because it did stretch our imaginations on what we can achieve and what we want to achieve for our life. Though I don't have all the clues and ideas on the "How" to achieve what I said above, I'm not too concerned about it because I know I'll find my way.

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than Knowledge."

Perhaps there's some truth in this statement since I'm a big fan of Day-dreaming ;).

So today, start small, walk a baby step a day; and Dream BIG!