The Renaissance Center

This is something I read about the Renaissance Center on WSJ the other day.

GM Slid as Bosses Misjuded Urban Tastes (March 8, 2006)
"The design of GM's corporate headquarters, located in Detroit's Renaissance Center, reflects this bureaucratic inertia. Its four towers resemble massive, steel grain silos. To find colleagues in different departments, employees must sometimes take elevators to the ground floor and walk around an illuminated walkway to get to the other towers. New employees and contract workers get lost frequently."

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I've been to the Renaissance Center once last year for a job interview. Thanks for the heads-up of the HR of the company, I arrived at the building complex about 30 mintues in advance. What happened was---I was lost for about 5 mintues and used 10 mintues to find a bathroom. I asked 3 differnt people to find the right direction and then I used another 15 minutes to walk to the office!

I know that the auto industry and Detroit are facing a lot of challenges in the coming years. I really hope that they all can have a "renaissance" and tranform to something better!