Entrepreneur Day

I went to the luncheon of Drake University Entrepreneurship Day this afternoon.
We had some interesting people (Elizabeth Grace Saunders (a writer),Sarah (a fashion designer), John Jackovin (a tech company CEO), and 4 actuarial students, including myself) sitting together and we had a fun conversation about fashion, New York, technology for trading partners, etc.

Elizabeth, Sarah and John, thanks for your insights of being an entrepreneur. I know it isn't easy, yet I bet it must be a very fun and rewarding journey and that's why three of you are still on the entrepreneurial path.

Definitely I'll integrate the experience I had today, apply it to my career and be a better intrepreneur! Or better yet, an actuarial evangelist!

P.S. Elizabeth wrote a great aritcle on worker's compensation. I believe it will be a good read to all the actuarial students as a background knowledge to the commercial line of the Property and Casulty Insurance.