A Not Quite Random Incident

This afternoon, my friend C asked me if I wanted to company her to book a hotel room for the singer coming to perform next month.
She was planning to walk almost a mile to the hotel while it was drizzling.
I said," Why don't we drive?"
C said, " I have this great parking spot here and I didn't want to move my car!"
I said, "Okay, I'll drive then since I brought my car key anyway."
So we drove to the place but unfortunately the place was closed!
On our way back, the rain became so heavliy that I felt like it was a hailstorm.
Luckily we were in the car. Though we drove very slowly, we came back safely.

Thanks to my intuition, I didn't have to walk back in the "hailstorm" and get a cold again.

This brought up a question. Do you believe this was just a random event?
C said, "Sure, it was random...we all live in a life full of random events and coincidence."
As an actuarial student, I deal with a lot of random variables in my courses and my work.
Somehow, though I don't have any proof, I felt that there's no conincidence in life.