Thoughts after reading "How to Become CEO"-Jeffrey J. Fox

My book "How to Become CEO" just arrived today and I spent the afternoon reading it.
It's a very short book and I'm done reading it by dinner.
Jeffrey Fox wrote in a very clear and concise manner and I will learn from him.
Somehow the way he wrote reminded me of the style of Ksblog.

So I was sharing something I read to my friend during dinner today since I was convincing my friend to go work out with me later.
This is what I shared:
Fox said, "Your brain will make you money, but your body carries your brain....
And how you keep fit is up to you." (Minichapter V)

Most of the time, I like to invite my friends to go work-out with me.
Guess what, the response I got was,
"Sorry, I don't have time."
How can you not have time for your body?
Besides, I think we all look better in our suit when we are physically in-shape, right?
And looking good in your suit gives people a great first impression on you which might land you the dream job.


Rastaman01 said...

Nice blog. Keep it up!