Thanks to the free stock photo gallery--StockVault.net, I found a cool picture for the Header of my blog. I've been spending sometime to make my blog look a little bit more unique. I wanted to keep this template, yet to personalize it a little bit.

I was thinking about switching my blog to Wordpress. Indeed, I created a free account over there, their templates look alittle bit more professional and sophisticated. However, based on what I knew now, I couldn't use html nor CSS to edit the blog in a very proficient way.

You can take a look the wordpress blog I came up with so far:


The template is nice, isn't it? But think about it, since it is a free template on Wordpress, which means there are thousands of people are using it!

Actually, I've seen a couple of blogs using this template already.
From a marketing point of view, the differentiation of your product/service has to be strong, right?

Darren Rowse suggested one of the "9 wasys to screw up your professional blog" is to "Blend in with the Crowd".
I found it true.
This is what personal branding is all about, isn't it?

I think this will be my last time changing the template of my blog in awhile because it is a never ending process to improve the outlook of my blog!
Besides, with my "limited" skillsets for web design (come on, I'm still studying for the actuarial exams ;) ), it means that it may take forever to do it.
Like my friend Tonie said, "yes, making your blog look nice and pro is great, but still, the contents are more important."

After all, I found it a great learning experience!