The ratio of speaking to listening in a conversation

So you heard a lot of people said you should listen more and speak less in a conversation. But what is more and what is less?
Me and my friend came up with an intersting ratio of talking to listening in a conversation last night.
Since we have a mouth and two ears, the ratio should be 1:2.
It means that we should listen 2/3 of the time during the converation and then use 1/3 of the time speaking.
Do you think it makes sense?

David Lorenzo offered his interesting metaphor of carrying a great conversation---which is "keep the ball going!"

Test this theory out in your daily conversation and see the difference!


James said...

Right-Minded Actuary,

Great blog. I noticed the visit and link, and I shall do likewise. Good luck with future exams, and may Var(X) always be less than infinity!

susan said...

Your ratio of speaking and listening pretty reasonable. Good Idea! Good luck for your exam!