Thoughts after reading "The Art of Imperfection"

I finished reading two books--The Art of Doing Nothing and The Art of Imperfection on the flight last weekend. Though I love the title "The Art of Doing Nothing", I prefer "The Art of Imperfection" better.

Here are some random thoughts after reading "The Art of Imperfection":
1. You don't have to be perfect to be happy and successful.
Well, to actuarial students, a 6 is as good as a 10 in SOA/CAS exams right?
2. We all need to accept ourselves (ie our bodies, our capabilities and our limitations etc.) to have peace.

And here are some quotes I found it insightful:
1. "The art of making mistakes---Take a moment to wonder at the uniqueness of the mistakes you are about to make...As you do so, remind yourself that your recklessness is nothing but the expression of a cosmic urge to challenge the general tendency of things to ebb toward a lukewarm and boring equilibirum." (p.15)

It's good to see myself as a little David challenging Goliath by making mistakes. ;)

2. "The art of looking like yourself---The best beauty product is to have a life. A real life." (p.28)

Oh my, from now on, I'm going to quote this quote a lot, since I am a firm believer in natural beauty and don't put on make-ups.

3. "Ten ways to say "Bravo"---10. Would you mind repeating what you just said? I'd like to write it down." (p.51)

It's always good to learn different expressions to compliment people when they say something brilliant. And now I have one more expression in my "Bank of Compliments"

4. And this is the best one--- "Perfect moments happen to imperfect people at the most imperfect times." (p.93)

On the same note, literally, it is the smiliar idea of "make the mundane sublime" by David Teten and Scott Allen on "The Virtual Handshake"